Metis is a sustainability consultancy firm. We work with clients that want to improve their sustainability performance and increase their positive impact in society. Together with our clients we determine the value of sustainability for the organisation, its employees, its customers and society at large; create an integrated sustainability strategy and/or support implementation of that strategy. The ultimate goal is to help clients and their employees increase their positive impact and as a consequence become future-proof. 

The focus of our work is on strategy, engagement and activation of employees and the transition to a circular economy.

Our Focus

CSR Strategy

The companies and organisations that will thrive tomorrow, have integrated sustainability in their strategy. That is our conviction. This requires a transition from a separate CSR strategy to an integrated strategy that aims for triple value creation (people, planet and profit/prosperity). 

However, in a world in transition, that is no small task. We help organisations with the complexity of this transition. Our strength is in translating theory, new rules and regulations and changing expectations into a future-proof strategy that fits your day to day reality. So you can add sustainable value. Now and in the future.

CSR Employee Engagement

Even projects with an excellent action plan can fail. So what determines if a CSR strategy or a CSR project is succesful? The main determinator turns out to be internal acceptance and employee engagement. That is why employee engagement is an important element in all our projects.

We also feel that the contribution of all employees and functions is essential to reach increasingly ambtious CSR goals. We developed our succesful Legacy Employee Engagement Approach to activate and motivate more employees to have a positive impact in their work and on your CSR strategy and goals.

Circular Economy

We are convinced that we need to re-design our economy in a better, smarter, efficient, inclusive and sustainable way. One of the important system changes that we need, is the transition towards a circular economy.