Karel Valken, Global Head TCF Agri

"Our true challenge is to embed sustainability in our daily business and thinking. We worked with Metis to build a global team of TCF professionals that is able to offer our clients value on sustainability. The Metis approach has helped us to understand and to make the connection between sustainability and the business. The program has the right mix between sustainability knowledge, motivation and business sense.

If you want to engage your employees on sustainability, Metis is the go to party."

Review for the programme 'Financing Sustainable Trade Challenge', 2018 - 2019.

Richard Piechocki, Head Sustainablity TCF Global

"In 2018/19, Metis Consultancy advised the Trade & Commodity Finance (TCF) Department of Rabobank in developing a program – so called Financing Sustainable Trade Challenge – in which sustainability has been put on the agenda of the management team as a strategic client topic and in which the employees of TCF have been inspired in addressing sustainability as strategic topic in client meetings and connecting sustainability to financial services.

The challenge was a great success. Metis did an excellent job in identifying the strategic commercial drivers of sustainability for trade and commodity clients, sharpening the strategy in deliberation with the MT members and establishing a mind-set of 'making sustainability commercially viable'."

Project: Engagement programme Financing Sustainable Trade Challenge. 2018 - 2019.


Paul Kennedy, Nature & Sustainability Manager, Early Life Nutrition

"Danone ELN used the Legacy Approach to make Nature and Sustainability an integral part of our business. I am impressed how well employees, especially leadership teams, respond to the approach.

If you want to activate and intrinsically motivate people on sustainablity, it really works. It makes a global challenge, personal."

Review for the project: Nature as a business fundamental, Danone ELN, 2016 - 2018.

Gezonde Stad

Bonnie Joosten, The Healthy City

"I think your approach worked really well. The workshop was a success. It was informative and had speed. I have attended many workshops with this amount of people that did not work so well. My compliments!"

Review for the project Product remains Project, municipality Amsterdam, 2016 - 2017.