At Metis we want to maximise our positive impact by working closely together with our network of companies, knowledge centres, (local) governments and NGO's. Together we strive to build a sustainable world and a sustainable economy. Through our knowledge, enthusiasm, inspirational best practices and an approach that works, we help organisations taking the next step in sustainability. 

Making a positive impact on society can be valuable for both organisation and employees. It is essential in order to make an organisation future proof. So work with us and discover the value and the opportunities of sustainability. For you, your colleagues and your company. 


Metis Consultants was founded by Marieke Gombault in 2016. Metis works with experienced sustainability experts as well as experts in other relevant areas like change management, human resources management, circular economy and sustainable design, in order to offer you the perfect team for the job.

Our Experts

Marieke Gombault

Over the last 20 years I have had the pleasure of working with Multinationals, SMEs, sector organisations, knowledge institutes and NGOs on the change towards a sustainable and inclusive society. Setting ambitions and targets for sustainable strategies and subsequently making sure that implementation is a success. Internal engagement and activation on sustainability of employees always being an essential element.  

I firmly believe that financial and societal value creation can and should go hand in hand. In a world in transition, it is a prerequisite for an organisation to become future-proof.

Lonneke Frie

During the last 20 years I have focussed on how professionals remain sustainably employable. For multinationals, SMEs and universities I have supported professionals in their quest to develop their unique talents and expertise.

Every professional can contribute to the sustainability of their organisation, with their talents and expertise. For  both organisation and expert that is beneficial and even essential, in order to be of value in the future.  

Tara Richardson

With more than 20 years of experience in Management Support, I make sure sustainability projects run smoothly.

With my hands on mentallity I independently take care of things and ensure that the project can have the intended impact. I think in solutions and customers evaluate me as social, involved, creative and result oriented. 

Our Experts

Carolien Gadella-v. Wersch

Inspiring, challenging and empowering companies and people to have a positive impact in the world, whilst making a profit, that is what I stand for. That is also why I started  Double Purpose and enjoy working with Metis.

Over the last 20 years I have become an expert in sustainability. As a speaker, trainer, member of a panel or in a role as a strategic sounding board, I like to make people think about sustainable and social entrepreneurship. 

Diana de Graaf

As an Industrial Designer, my focus has been on sustainable products and supply chains. Circular Economy, Cradle to Cradle, eco-design, sustainable procurement and Life Cycle Analysis (LCAs) are my main areas of expertise. Next to working with Metis I have my own company De Graaf & Co.

In recent years the transition towards a circular economy has been the main focus of my work. I like to use the potential of products to help create a sustainable society. 



A wise person knows what he or she does not know and how enriching cooperation can be.

We at Metis like to work together with other experts and disciplines to discover innovative solutions and book faster and better results. Through cooperation and an extensive network we can offer the best team for the job to jointly give you an excellent result.

Creative minds

An image speaks louder than a thousand words. That is why we like to work with experts in the area of video/film, graphic design, drawing, etc. to get our message across. 

Like Frank van Veen of idonuts that helped us design the beautiful and sustainable awards for the Rabobank Sustainable Trade Challenge. Tara Richardson of RichEs who created the marketing materials for a circular economy project in Amsterdam, or Jan de Wit from Postmen who transformed the vlogs of the Sustainability Ambassadors into an inspiring compilation of their achievement.

Rabobank Challenge